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The Swiss Alps - Switzerland

Ecotourism Swizerland

Any ecotourist visiting Switzerland should make the time to take in the wonder that is the Swiss Alps. There are few greater sights in the world than that of the Swiss Alps. This stunning array covers over 41,000 square kilometres and an incredible 60% of the country of Switzerland.

Whilst breathtakingly beautiful, the range does cover a very large space so you can be forgiven for not knowing where to start. As an ecotourist the idea of touring the Alps by car doesn't sound the most appealing, after all, who would want to visit such a beautiful area only to pollute it with vehicle fumes.

Well, there is a way around that. There are now a fleet of Think City cars available for hire so that you can drive around the Alps until your heart is content without any worries that you are damaging the atmosphere. There are numerous rechargeable points to stop and charge at your leisure. Even the rechargeable points are powered from local dams and reservoirs.

Fancy somewhere to stay that is as eco-friendly as your mode of transportation, then the Whitepod ecoresort is just the ticket. An ideal place for skiers the ecoresort isn't just for those looking to traverse the slopes. It can just be somewhere for those who fancy taking a break and enjoying the stunning views of the mountains as well.

Second only to Iceland, Switzerland is regarded as the most eco-friendly country in the world. There is plenty to immerse yourself in whilst enjoying the local culture, all safe in the knowledge that the environment is the priority of the locals as much as it is yourself. So why not take a trip to the Alps and enjoy one of the most idyllic and accessible mountain ranges in the world

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Ecotourism Swizerland