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Schonbrunn Palace - for the eco tourist visiting Vienna

If you're planning a trip to Vienna then a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace is essential. The palace is Austria's most visited site and with good reason. With over 1400 rooms it is regarded as one of the most important works of architecture in the country. Run by the House of Habsburg the site has numerous buildings and plenty to keep anyone interested in Austria's cultural heritage.

An ideal place to stay during your visit is the Boutique Hotel Stadhalle. As well as being reasonably priced this hotel is a tram ride away from the palace and is a testament to green accommodation. With solar panels for heating the water, organic locally produced food for breakfast and a roof that collects the rainwater for the garden you know you will be doing your bit for the environment whilst you enjoy your holiday. There is even a bike garage available as well as a cycle track outside to the centre of the city. Practically everything you could need for an eco-friendly holiday.

Many eco-friendly European cities are now opting for the City Bike method of bikes that can be collected and dropped off at a range of points throughout the city and Vienna is no exception. With around 100 drop off points you can pick up and drop off at your leisure.

There are a variety of different tours available for the palace but the Grand Tour seems like the one to go for. It lasts just under an hour and is the most extensive tour available. If you do not speak German please inform someone at the cash desk as English speaking guides sometimes need to be requested.

Vienna takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and is a wonderful place for an eco-tourist to enjoy a break. There is plenty to see and do and you should have a wonderful time.

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