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The Northeast Greenland National Park

To try and understand just how big the Northeast Greenland National Park is it is considerably bigger than many countries. At nearly one million square kilometres this is one national park that visitors will have to plan a visit to before heading there.

Ecotourists planning a trip need permission to travel and to stay within the boundaries of the national park and need to acquire one from the Government of Greenland's ministry of Domestic Affairs. However, if you take an official tour, perhaps by cruise this should all be in place before you start.

For the nature lovers out there musk Ox, Artic foxes, walrus and stoat can all be found in this park as well as Polar bears. For those looking to witness a polar bear with their own eyes, it won't be easy. Most people who visit are not lucky enough to see one. Even those who live in the vicinity rarely encounter one. The best chance of being one of the lucky ones is to sail around the outskirts of the island and you may get lucky.

It's been well documented that the polar bears natural habitat is in trouble and as such their very existence may be as well. If you are planning a visit to the Greenland National Park sooner rather than later may be advisable.

When considering a national park of this size it would be advisable to take an official tour. There are some that will focus on seeing the beautiful and rare animals that inhabit this remote part of the world.

Since the decline of the fishing industry Greenland has started to rely further on tourism. The area now welcomes over 30,000 tourists a year. Bearing this in mind it would be advantageous to try and book any eco holiday through the Greenland tourist board.

photo credit: Rita Willaert via photopin cc