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Nikko National Park

Just 125km from Tokyo you come across one of Japan's most beautiful natural experiences, Nikko National Park. Towering forests, cascading waterfalls, peaceful plateaus and serene lakes are surrounded by ancient bridges, temples and shrines, combining the unparalleled beauties of nature with some of the most pristine and decorative ornaments Japanese heritage. It as an absolute must for any green traveller looking for scenery and quietude.

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, the environmentally minded eco-traveller can enjoy the sites of Toshugo, Japan's most opulently ornamented shrines, statues of the three wise monkeys, the ornate Yomei, and the Hall of the Medicine Buddha.

Hikers will be pleased and indeed overwhelmed by extensive beauty of the location, especially if you plan your trip for autumn, when the leaves of the extensive armies of trees change from all manner of green, to red, orange, rust and brown.

For a winter vacation, then why not consider a ski or snowboard season in the area. Although known for being a collection of islands, what comes as a surprise for most is to learn that Japan is in fact covered by mountain ranges - 80% of the land mass, in fact. Not far from Nikko, where the now brown trees are covered in a powdery white snowy dust, the green traveller can enjoy a few adventurous days on the slopes.

When looking for somewhere to stay, then eco-travellers should definitely check out the Nikko Green Hotel which is situated right in the heart of the natural surroundings, decorated in the traditional Japanese style for an authentic experience, and features a beautifully modern hot spa to complete your relaxation. Exquisite.

photo credit: EricDanPhoto via photopin cc