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Mont St. Michel - France

With a population of just 44, Mont St. Michel, is best known for the medieval Benedictine Abbey and steepled church that occupies most of the 1km-diameter clump of rocks jutting out of the waters of the English Channel.

Any ecotourists interested in green infrastructure, however, will also be interested to see the hydraulic dam that uses the waters of the river Couesnon, a EUR164 million project, which finished construction just this year (2012).

If you are the sort of green traveler who likes a challenge, then perhaps a cycling tour of Brittany would be the way to build a visit to the mount into your holiday. Discover France Adventures offers a 5 day tour of the region, starting off in St. Malo, and ending at the magnificent Mount St. Michel.

They also offer a similar five day walking tour, which takes in the beautiful scenic coast of Brittany and Normandy, with the highlight of the tour being the Mont.

France, of course, is arguably the global leader in gastronomy. The earth is dark and rich in Normandy and produces an abundance of food, dairy products, vegetables and cereals. Over the centuries, Normans have perfected the art of good, simple food using organic ingredients. Choosing restaurants not for their pricy menus, but rather fort their creativity, we will allow you to discover the real taste of the region on your trip. La mere Poulard is a restaurant on the mount that dates back to 1879 and uses the food sourced from the region. Though be warned, the prices here, as in all the other restaurants on the mount are sky high. In fact, Virtual Tourist recommends that you take a picnic on your tour to avoid paying through the nose for your food - and what better way to enjoy the delights of ecotourism than to sit outside with some fresh local fruit and enjoy the view?

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