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Machu Picchu - Paradise for the green traveller

If you are a green traveler then located in the Cusco Region of Peru, the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu is worth a trip, surrounded by the beautiful mountain range that is the Andes, it is an excellent vacation spot for any eco-tourist.

Machu Picchu is more than just a national park; designated as a world heritage site, the area is home to the city of the Incas. However, getting to it isn't that straightforward, so it's essential that you plan your trip before you start trekking through the jungle.

If you are operating on a tight budget, then it would perhaps be a good idea to book into a hostel close by and then pay for a guide to take you there. Whilst there are plenty of tours that include flights etc., these can be very expensive.

A great place to lay your head is the Supertramp Hostel in Aguas Calientes. This cheap and cheerful hostel has some very good reviews and is less than three miles from Machu Picchu and accommodation starts from under ?10 per night. This is the best time to sort out a guided trek to the Inca ruins, as guides are less expensive and you are also helping by directly funding the economy, as opposed to paying a tour operator in another country.

Once there, why not spend some time in Aguas Calientes as well. Over the last 20 years the town has expanded and the locals rely heavily on the tourist industry to survive. The Plaza de Armas has a statue of the Inca Emperor Pachacutec a chapel and is a vibrant hub of the town itself.

The Aguas Calientes also has a collection of thermal pools worth visiting. The pools are easy to find (just ask a local when at the plaza) and definitely worth a visit, whether you prefer soaking in a hot pool, a cold pool or if you enjoy the idea of a large communal pool, it's all here and worth the trip.

Machu Picchu has a wet climate throughout the winter so it is best to visit between the months of May and September.

Recently Machu Pichu was awarded the title of best eco-tourism site in the whole of South America. So if you are enm eco-tourist then there is no better place on the continent to visit.