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Longji Rice Terrace - China

Village elders have a saying in Longsheng: where there is soil there is a terrace. Two hours ride from the city of Guilin in Guanxi province, the problem of growing rice on steep hills was long ago solved by cutting long terraces, like giant round staircases, directly into the hills, and there has been a rice harvest every year since that time long ago in the thirteenth century.

It took, however, four hundred years for the terraces, also known as Longjii, to be completed - each year there being a little larger and larger harvest, though mostly only just about enough to feed the workers' families. Yet in their efforts they produced a scene of tremendous beauty. It is little wonder that the Chinese call it the 'amazing terrace'.

The best way for the ecotourist to enjoy these vast hillside terraces is at ground level, either by foot or by bike. If looking for a tour, however, then the 4 day Guilin & Yangshuo Memories Tour is an absolute must for the green traveler. This tour illustrates the best combination of the natural scenery and human culture. You will walk around Elephant Hill and Reed Flute Cave, and cycle though the paddy fields and the ancient villages in Yangshuo. Here there is also a special arrangement for you to visit one of the local farmer's houses, sit down and have a free take to the household - it is a great opportunity to acknowledge and experience the Chinese farmer's life.

Chinahighlights.com also offer a 4-day hiking tour for the ecotourist looking to get around in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Walk along the Li River and through the small villages, see rice fields, orchards and unique Karst mountains. Both of the tours mentioned here are all inclusive, and include accommodation at a hotel, perfect for those green travelers seeking out some of the world's most historic manmade beauties.