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Lapland - Finland

Any ecotourist planning on visiting Lapland is in for a wonderful experience. For many people Lapland inspires images of thick snow, reindeers and a very festive atmosphere. Whilst it is true that this area of Northern Finland has more than its fair share of snow every year, there is more to do than go skiing or to take your children for a Christmas experience.

For the green traveller Lapland is a wonder to behold as most of its attractions epitomise nature at its best, and not man made activities. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a natural occurrence that causes light to beam across the sky giving a wonderful array of colours to enjoy. Caused by oxygen in the atmosphere the lights can appear yellow, green, violet or even red on occasions. A beautiful sight, the Northern Lights are a must for any eco tourist visiting Lapland.

Riisitunturi National Park is another unique place to visit. Famous for its crowned snow trees you can go there for skiing or simply to enjoy the wonderful scenery that can't be found anywhere else in the world.

With the temperatures getting quite low in the winter camping is probably out of the question so you may want to give some consideration to accommodation before travelling. Love to Escape has a variety of eco-friendly accommodation for Lapland that is worth checking out.

As you might expect there are reindeer tours abound in Lapland, however, if you fancy something a little different then why not check out the Husky Dog Sled Safari. This way you can enjoy a unique day out with an expert whilst contributing directly to the local economy.

Such an idyllic place to visit you can enjoy Lapland without ever having to jump in a car, the only trouble is, you probably won't want to come home.