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Kruger National Park - a treasue for any green traveller

For any eco-tourist the Kruger National Park in South Africa is the most popular in the country and with good reason. There's a lot to do and see here, whether you're planning on travelleing for a day trip or a whole vacation and all of it is well worth the trip.

Siyabona Africa offer a one day safari adventure which will allow you to experience the thrill of seeing wild animals from within open safari vehicles. Knowledgeable guides will educate you on the various wildlife while ensuring your safety - the trip even includes a picnic.

A visit to Kruger gives visitors an opportunity to see some of the world's most impressive animals up close and reasonably personal. Lions, leopards, African elephants, Cape buffalo and rhinoceros all call Kruger home and if you're lucky an expert guide will point them all out to you as they go about their daily business.

For those who would rather avoid a vehicle and would rather experience the natural side of Kruger on foot, there are the Seven Wilderness Trails. SANParks offers a variety of different packages to suit all tastes and will give you the chance to experience the wildlife first hand. Some packages offer guests the chance to see how the locals survive and will have you munching on nutritious insect life, just like tribes have been doing for centuries.

The Sunrise Elephant Back Safari offer a once in a lifetime experience. The trip lasts up to three hours and is for adults and children over 5. As well as riding the elephants you will be able to feed and interact with these wonderful gentle giants.

Kruger isn't just about safaris and wild animals though, during your visit why not explore the famous Echo Caves, some of the oldest in the world and a breath taking experience for anyone.

Kruger is at the very hub of sustainable eco-tourism and over the last quarter of a century has worked very hard to increase the population of endangered animals. The park is still working hard and the support of eco-tourists is helping considerably.