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Korup national park - Cameroon

Any eco tourist planning a trip to Cameroon will not be disappointed with the wonderful array of flora and fauna that can be found. Cameroon is a beautiful country with many national parks worth visiting, however, today we are going to concentrate on Korup.

At over 120,000 square kilometres the Korup national park is regarded as one of the most stunning tropical forests in the world. Nature lovers will be astonished by the virtual plethora of amazing wildlife that calls Korup home.

As well as a diverse and colourful array of birds and fish, Korup is home to a variety of rare primates such as the chimpanzee, red colobus, red-capped mangabey drill and the red eared monkey.

With a park this size it makes real sense to employ the skills of a guide to take you around the most important parts. Their knowledge will ensure you have far better chance of observing the rarer species that live in the park. Please book a guide through the Tourist Information Centre in Mundemba as this way you will get an expert whilst directly contributing to the local economy as opposed to booking online.

As well as the rich and colourful fauna that live in the park there are many rich and diverse culture who live here. Many of the villages have local crafts people engaging in their skills as well as numerous different exhibitions that display their cultures for all to see.

Korup does have a rainy season, so if you are planning a visit then that time of the year is best avoided. A trip between the months of December and February is probably the right time to go.

photo credit: Pleauthon Pierre via photopin cc