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Jim Corbett National Park - A perfect environment for the eco-tourist

Any eco-tourist venturing near India should check out the Jim Corbett National Park. Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas lies one of the most beautiful spots in the world and ideal vacation spot for any traveller. Formally, the Hailey National Park, it is named after the hunter turned conservationist and the park is almost a homage to his beliefs and the way the work he has put in to maintain the site.

If you are planning on visiting the park then you can opt for using your visit as a site seeing experience or a learning experience. In the area much has been done and is being done to promote Corbett's ethos and to educate visitors on the importance of self sustainment in the area.

The Dhangarhi museum is a very affordable and educational museum worth a visit during your trek through the park. The museum itself is located in Dhangarhi and comes highly recommended for most people visiting the park.

Looking for somewhere affordable to lay your head during your visit then the Dhikala Forest rest house is ideal. Located over 30km inside the park you are already close to the action as soon as you awake. There is a perimeter and while sightings of tigers are not unknown this is a real haven for those wanting to find somewhere to enjoy a variety of wildlife, especially bird watching.

Reports say that the menu is quite limited, however, its ideal for vegetarians so it may just be your cup of tea. Take a torch and binoculars and you are sure to have an interesting time.

Jim Corbett National park tale eco-tourism very seriously, however, this is tempered with the importance of having fun. If you are planning on taking a trip then why not go for one of the guided tours that takes the environment seriously. That way you can enjoy your trip while helping the local economy and saving the environment.

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