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Inagua National Park - Bahamas

Anyone eco-tourist who likes the idea of spending time at a beautiful national park whilst enjoying stunning views and wonderful weather can't go wrong with a visit to Inagua National Park in the Bahamas.

One of several national parks on these lush islands in the Caribbean, the Inagua sits coast to coast on the Island of Great Inagua and is renowned for its vast West Indian Flamingo population that call it home.

At 744 square km it's not the sort of park that you would visit for the day, and you probably wouldn't want to once you have seen it in the flesh. More than just a national park Inagua is a Twitcher's paradise with a virtual plethora of different birds to watch and admire.

Bird lovers should also look out for other species such as the roseate spoonbill, snowy egrets and the Bahamas parrot. Due to the once depleting West Indian Flamingo population any visitors planning on spending time on the island have to be accompanied by a Bahamas National Trust warden, for obvious reasons. This can only be a positive thing as it will likely be an opportunity to bend the warden's ear and learn as much as possible about the local wildlife and ecosystem.

The green traveller will be pleased to learn that there are many different eco-tours available when visiting the island. Tours that take to the sky giving breath taking views from above and tours that take tourists beneath the water where they can enjoy one of the most stunning reefs, anywhere in the world.

If you are planning a visit to the Inagua National Park the first step is to check out the Bahamas National trust and make enquiries regarding regulations for visitors and the best time to visit.