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Iguazu National Park - Argentina

First established as a national park in 1934 Iguazu national park is probably the most stunning of all of Argentina's parks. A haven for the eco-tourist this park is home to many beautiful sites and a range of stunning landscape, the most notable of which is the world famous Iguazu waterfalls.

Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, the Iguazu waterfall is something to behold. At 80 meters high and with a diameter of nearly 3km the only way to really appreciate the waterfalls are to see them in the flesh.

If you looking for the perfect eco-friendly accommodation during your stay then the Yacutinga Lodge should tick all of your boxes. From its inception every care has been taken to ensure that the lodge was built taking the greatest care for the environment. As well as an ethos that takes the ecosystem into account the lodge has gone one step further than in most in that there is a variety of eco-centred activities to ensure that all guests leave with a fair better knowledge of the environment than when they arrived.

As well as learning everything there is to know about the area local guides will take you on guided tours and impart their expert knowledge to you as you immerse yourself in the surroundings.

If you still want to understand a little more before departing then the Iguazu National Park UNESCO site can help you along the way.

For those who have a penchant for wildlife you won't be disappointed. The park is famed throughout Argentina for its eclectic mix of animals which include toucans, monkeys, magpie and chopi blackbirds. With this variety and a lot more to boot it's essential that you take a camera to capture the moment when you encounter one of the local inhabitants.