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The Guaran? community

By Laeti, 04/07/2010 - 18:53

In the North Est of Argentine the inhabitants of Mborore have established a program of tourism in their community. The Mborore community have been confined to a situation of poverty due to the destruction of the local environment and also to the crisis situation in general. The community has selected two guides, who have created a tour of the community offering a glimpse into the typical activities of its members. The Excursion is sold by a tourist agency. Due to the success of the project and the willingness of the community, they have recently increased the scope of the project by constructing a refuge, capable of housing small tourist groups. In July of 2004, we went with a group of six tourists and stayed in this refuge, which was constructed using the same techniques used to construct houses in the community. Another organization working with the community is the ONLUS Kairos which, through the Aurora Project, is collaborating with the teachers of the Fortin Mborore School to improve health and infrastructure.

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