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The Giza Pyramid - for the green traveller visiting Egypt

On the west bank of the Nile River last Giza, home of the Great Pyramid, the Giza pyramid is the oldest statue of the seven wonders of the ancient world and a site that every eco-tourist should visit at least once.

Accommodation can be quite expensive if you book a hotel, so shopping around for a good hostel may be advisable. The Pyramids Inn Motel is an ideal location to lay your head for those wanting to enjoy the sites. A ten minute walk from the pyramids, the motel also enjoys stunning views of some of Giza's most famous sites. Couple this with the fact that rooms are available from as little at under ?12 per person per night, and you have a real bargain.

There are plenty of tours available that will take in both the Sphinx and the pyramids and again, some can be quite costly. The Pyramid Sound and Light Show with Private Transport starts at just over ?29 and offers quite a unique perspective. The show comes highly recommended and is around two hours long. The light show comes complete with a narrator and a tour guide will ensure you get to and from your hotel. Dress warmly though, as some reviews say it gets quite cold in the evening.

If you fancy something a little more exciting whilst contributing directly to the local economy, then why not opt for Camel or Horse riding at the Giza pyramids? The trip lasts for around two hours and is reportedly quite exciting. To many this would be a far better way to enjoy views of the pyramids than to sit in a jeep or hot bus.

Giza has plenty of western restaurants; however, if you are looking to try local cuisine then the Felfela in Alexandra Road shouldn't disappoint.

Whatever you plan on doing in Giza while visiting the pyramids, do always remember to shop around and to haggle, as you could easily end up paying far more than the average. When taking horse or camel rides ensure that the animal is being well treated before heading out, and most of all, enjoy your visit.

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