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The Foundation Amautas de los Zazos

By Laeti, 05/30/2010 - 01:39

The community of Amaicha del Valle is found in the northeast part of the Province of Tucuman, between the Quilmes Mountains and the Calchaquies Valleys (North West of Argentine). Here we find the survivors of one of the most important groups of the Diaguita culture. The uniqueness of this group is found in the history of its relations with the Spanish Crown. In 1716, the group was recognized as an "indigenous community" and given legal title to its lands, a fact reconfirmed in 1753. In 1990, the government of Tucuman officially recognized the rights of this community to occupy their land. In this area, and more precisely in the neighborhood of Los Zazos, located four kilometers from the central plaza of Amaicha, the Foundation Amauta and the Eco-Museum Cultural School were founded with the help of Balbin Aguayso in 1997.

The Amauta Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization, whose objective is to promote the participation of the people of Amaicha del Valle in social and community activities. The content of the courses is based on the recuperation and conservation of cultural patrimony. The programs encompass a wide range of subjects, integrating the official curriculum while also embracing and supporting creative endeavors. They work in a seminar format, encouraging group activities. The participation of the community in these educational activities provides the opportunity to improve understanding of the problems and finding solutions suitable to all. The Foundation promotes various cultural activities of interest to tourists like the "mother earth fiesta", a community information centre, art expositions, forestry projects, etc...

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