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The Fjords of Norway

For any ecotourist Norway is a wonderful place to vacation. One of top eco-friendly countries in the world there is never a shortage of tours, transportation and fun to be had for the green traveller.Add to this the breath-taking sight that are the Fjords and you have idyllic spot to visit.

The Bj?en Fjellstove Mountain Lodge looks to be one of the best possible locations to stay during your visit. As well as being ideally located with many trails right on your doorstep, you have the satisfaction of knowing that the proprietors take their environmental responsibilities seriously as well as their responsibility to the local community.

The lodge itself offers boats for loan if you fancy a gentle drift down the local lakes and if you are up to something a little more energetic then there are plenty of various hikes available to suit all levels of ability.

Personally, I don't think there is any better way to fully appreciate the fjords of Norway than to explore them on foot. Breathe the fresh Norwegian air whilst enjoying 360? panoramic views with your eyes that no camera could every capture.

Whilst some may prefer to meander their way through the mountains looking down it may be worth considering a guided tour so that you don't miss any of the most beautiful sights. Visit Norway has a wide variety of tours on offer depending on what you are looking for. Everything from short hikes for beginners to several day treks for experts are available. Either way, an enjoyable and invigorating experience is sure to be had.

To the people of Norway, self-sustainability is quickly becoming a way of life and is very important. Any ecotourist enjoying a holiday in this beautiful country is sure to find it inspirational.

Photo By Gisle's fotostream