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Elegant Ecotourism in France

In a country as refined as France, they do simple and basic remarkably well. Everything in France is elegant, or at least has an air of elegance, simply because it's French. In the French summertime, life there is further romanticised by the consistent desire to eat, drink, and play outdoors. Ecotourism in France is decidedly in fashion, especially in the summer.

A Local Picnic in France

Don't exert yourself. French summer activities are meant to be casual and relaxed, and taking a leisurely bike ride through the countryside is perhaps one of the most relaxed and enjoyable ecotourism activities in France.

Renting a bicycle is easily done from most French cities through Holiday Bikes, and city cruiser bikes rent for about EUR24 / day. Head out of town, ideally along a river of some sort, and leave the city behind in favour of small towns in the countryside. A fresh baguette, cured jambon, luscious country pate, a gorgeous wheel of Camembert, and an obligatory bottle of French red are all you need to pick up along the way to make for the best local French picnic. Find a sunny patch of grass and enjoy this simple, yet wonderful bite of ecotourism in France. Just don't forget the corkscrew!

These Flats Were Made For Walking

Why do French women wear flat shoes? Because they walk everywhere, of course! Paris is one of the best cities in which to walk, so take advantage of the warm sun and head out on foot in the French capital. This zero-emission mode of exploration will afford you the luxury of ducking into a little gelato store here, or grabbing a chilled glass of Chardonnay there.

Plan out a route that will take you to every corner of the city, and don't be lured into walking only along the Seine. While it's touted as a quintessential Parisien experience, there are some other fantastic walking spots throughout the city. The Cimeti?re du P?re Lachaise is a classic destination that could easily occupy an entire afternoon, meandering through the impressive cenotaphs and tombstones of the high society and famous.

Take A Hike

The Pyrenees are one of France's most popular adventure destinations, with many avid hikers choosing to venture out on the GR10 , the longest hike on the Trans-Pyrenees Trail. Along the way, rest up at l'Orri de Plan?s, a family-run eco-lodge with guesthouses, dorms, and camping tents. Even if you aren't hiking the trail, the Orri is surrounded by plenty of things to see and do, including three different hot springs and plenty of local cheese farms, making it a very appealing option for ecotourism in France.

Go Glamping

That's right, glamping. Glam camping, ie. camping, French style. Simply Canvas, in Southwest France's Aquitane region, offers luxurious safari tents and holiday homes to those looking to get away and relax in a low-key way. The property is surrounded by rolling hills, farmer's markets, ancient castles, and, of course, a number of wine chateaux, all of which can easily be explored from the Simply Canvas grounds. Who says camping and ecotourism in France has to be basic?

Sip Organic Wine

An hour outside of Bordeaux is Ch?teau Haut Garrigue, an organic winery that welcomes visitors with open arms. They have a number of different wine tours, lunches, and tastings, including a lesson in wine food and pairing, a full day wine adventure, winemaking 101, and the chance to play winemaker for a day.

Also nestled on Haute Garrigue's 30 acre family-owned organic estate are luxury ecolodge guest houses and cottages, where guests can stay in self-catering eco-friendly accommodations.

Ecotourism in France

Naturally, ecotourism in France is anything but rugged. From vineyards and glamping, to countryside local picnics and jaunts through the streets of Paris, ecotourism in France is present in the country's food, wine, outdoor activities, and accommodation of all styles. Meric, France, for being so elegantly ecofriendly.

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