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Ecotourism in Jamaica: A Unique Ecotourism Holiday

Ecotourism in Jamaica land of wonder.Ecotourism in Jamaica is exciting, inspiring, and engaging, with a seemingly never-ending list of places to explore, activities to enjoy, and beauty to be appreciated. With botanical gardens, eco-lodges, resorts, activities, birds, and more, ecotourism in Jamaica is an attractive prospect. Head on over to the island and prepare to be amazed at what Jamaica has waiting for you.

Grand Valley Tours

Located in Port Antonio, the Portland area of the island, Grand Valley Tours are dedicated to sustainable development and ecotourism in Jamaica. Their tours are designed to enhance the economics of the area, while ensuring to preserve the cultural and environmental resources of Portland. Grand Valley Tours primarily operate hiking tours, which take visitors on exciting journeys into the Rio Grande Valley, where you can experience stunning views of the mountains, ocean, and rivers. Waterfalls, tiny villages, lush tropical forests, delicious local crops, and birds and butterflies line the trails, giving visitors a truly meaningful and authentically natural ecotourism experience in the heart of Jamaica.

Great Huts

The little village-resort of Great Huts is one of the more unique parts of Jamaica's ecotourism industry. This hidden treasure of a resort is remote, exciting, and stunning. Situated on the precipice of a fossilised coral cliff, Great Huts sits 100 feet about the Caribbean Sea, and is ideally suited to everyone: families, adventurers, romantic couples, and ecotourists. The nature-based resort consists of African-style huts and treehouses within a jungle beach landscape, and is consistently rated one of the best independent B&B resorts in Jamaica. If you're going to Jamaica and looking for a unique, eco-conscious, independent accommodation, Great Huts is, well, great.

Jamaican Rasta Ecotourism Ital Cooking

In Jamaica, Ital cooking isn't the slang for Italian cooking. Ital is considered to be 'natural' cooking, and is a Rastafarian style cooking known for salt, meat, preservatives, and anything artificial. Typically Ital cooking includes fish and coconuts, and requires the chef to be skilful with herbs and spices in order to make the dishes flavourful. Mokko is a popular Ital culinary guide for tourists interested in learned more about Ital cooking and experiencing some Rasta style food. This is perhaps one of the most authentically Jamaican culinary experiences you can find on the island.

Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures

Remember when Jamaica had a bobsled team? Admit it, you, like everybody else, wanted to be on that team. I'm afraid that moment has passed, but that doesn't mean that bobsled in Jamaica has become any less popular. In the heard of the rainforest in Ocho Rios, visitors can experience the rainforest bobsled. No snow, all fun. Hurtle down the 1000-metre track that's built into the side of a mountain and controlled by gravity. The rainforest bobsled is Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures' signature attraction, and for good reason. The canopy walk, zipline, and lookout tower are great, but nothing tops the Jamaican bobsled experience.

Ecotourism in Jamaica

Is it obvious yet that ecotourism in Jamaica is a unique experience? From reggae cooking to rainforest bobsledding, and everything in between, this beautiful and friendly country is not only welcoming, but has an excellent sense of humour. Ecotourism in Jamaica is about understanding the local life and enjoying the beauty of the island. It will be an experience you won't soon forget.

Photo Credit: xamichee