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Ecotourism in Fiji with Local Tour Operators

For those living in countries where temperatures have the habit of plunging into the nether-regions of the thermometer, travelling to Fiji has likely been part of a far-fetched, escape-to-paradise dream. Travelling to Fiji, specifically ecotourism in Fiji, represents everything you could possibly want in a ecotourism destination - warm islands, colourful reefs, dazzling waters, engaging activities, and locals eager to provide authentic local experiences.

Get Ecotourism Active - Sustainable Rivers Fiji

It's easy to spend your whole time in Fiji on the beach, because, let's be honest here, Fiji has some of the best beaches in the world. However, if you manage to pry yourself away from the soft, sandy heaven, trading ocean for river can be a very rewarding endeavour.

Rivers Fiji is a local Fijian ecotourism company dedicated to sustainability and specialising in adrenaline rushes. One or two-day rafting trips on the Luva or Upper Navua Rivers are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your heart racing, without a detrimental impact to the environment.

If, instead of battling the whitewater rapids through lush rainforests and dramatic canyons, you'd rather stay out on the open water, then a relaxing sea kayaking adventure would be ideal. Rivers Fiji also caters to the more leisurely ecotourist, with sea kayaking trips to Beqa Island and along the coast of Deuba, designed for all ages and ability levels.

As a part of its ecotourism principles and programs, Rivers Fiji will encourage you to leave no traces, as well as dressing modestly in the villages you visit along the way. They also operate with environmental conservation and social preservation in mind, ensuring that their actions contribute to the conservation of Fiji's natural resources, and that they bring socio-economic benefits to the local communities through supporting local employment and locally-owned businesses. Their commitment to ecotourism in Fiji is admirable and thorough, so ecotourists and responsible travellers to Fiji can trust Rivers Fiji as a sustainable tour operator.

Go Local - Discover Navala

Getting to know the locals, their customs, and traditions, is at the core of many ecooturism travellers experiences. Local experiences in Fiji provide an enriching and authentic visit, and won't soon be forgotten. In Fiji, one of the most traditional elements of the local culture is the bure (pronounced boo-reh), a traditional family dwelling. Typically constructed of bamboo and palm trees and leaves, these thatched houses are architecturally diverse, and their style varies throughout Fiji's many islands. In recent years, bures have gradually been replaced by structures made of concrete or wood, but visitors can still experience an authentic traditional village filled with bures, if they choose to venture to Navala.

whl.travel's local connection in Fiji offers a day tour to discover Navala, the last remaining traditional Fijian village. A visit to Navala gives you a taste of what life in Fiji would be like if the only inhabitants were natives, and with over 150 bures, this tour gives you a really authentic impression of traditional life. Enthusiasts of local experiences will delight in their lunch of authentic Fijian cuisine, characterised by an abundance of fresh local seafood, Indian flavours, and the use of the lovo, an earth oven. You can also further enrich your Fiji ecotourism experience by staying in a bure.

Consistent with whl.travel's commitment to ecotourism in Fiji, participants on the Discover Navala day tour will be reminded of proper protocol and respect for the locals, their culture, and their environment.

Ecotourism in Fiji

This is what makes Fiji an even more appealing ecotourism destination; responsible travellers are able to really explore everything Fiji has to offer, while ensuring they are immersed in authentic local experience that benefit the local communities. Not only that, but a number of local operators are actively involved in caring for their destination, and making a difference through their tourism ventures. Ready to escape yet?

Photo Credit: whl.travel

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