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Ecotourism in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular destination for tourists from around the world, but this has led to many of the island's villages becoming abandoned or under populated due to locals moving to where they can find work. Ecotourism in Cyprus is seeking to address this and there are now many opportunities for the discerning traveller to enjoy a green holiday, which gives back to the people of Cyprus.

Village tours

Some of the outlying villages on the island now have tiny populations and these can be explored via regular minibus tours which are attempting to further promote ecotourism in Cyprus. The tours are controlled in order to help villages grow, whilst ensuring that they don't become overpopulated once ecotourism has caught on.

Additionally, in order to promote ecotourism in Cyprus, there are a number of options available for ecotourists to enjoy the wonderful scenery and nature that this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer.

Ecotourism activities in Cyprus

Nature of Cyprus has extensive information on ecotourism in Cyprus, including guided walks around different regions of the island where visitors can explore the rich and varied wildlife and natural beauty of the area. Plans are also underway to offer agrotourism, where ecotourists can work alongside locals picking olives and milking goats in small villages. An info-packed guide book is available for those who are interested in participating in ecotourism in Cyprus and the organisation also offer seminars to tour operators to further educate travellers on ecotourism in Cyprus.

Sustainable tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus is rich is history and culture and a fascinating place to visit for those interested in ecotourism, the natural beauty of the island combined with year-round sunshine makes it a popular destination for travellers from around the world. It is important that ecotourism in Cyprus is promoted in order to ensure its cultural diversity is maintained.

The 'Discover the real Cyprus' project aims to raise awareness of ecotourism in Cyprus and promotes self-drive holidays where travellers can explore the rural areas of the island. As landfill sites begin to fill quickly, a further project has been initiated to reduce plastic, water and energy consumption and encourages visitors to focus on recycling.

Preserving natural resources

The Travel Foundation, a UK charity which promotes ecotourism in Cyprus and other countries, runs the projects alongside the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI). It's important to both organisations that ecotourism in Cyprus is promoted in order to preserve the island's natural resources and improve the social and economic conditions of the rural people of Cyprus.

As travellers worldwide begin to realise the importance of ecotourism in Cyprus, charities and the tourism board are educating travel providers and local businesses on how to provide sustainable tourism on the island. As a popular destination, it's especially important for visitors to understand that rural communities in Cyprus need help to ensure they don't die altogether.

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