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Eco Ski in Switzerland

Where can the green conscious eco-tourist travel to appreciate the beauty of winter skiing and at the same time blending in with the natural surrounds? The answer is at Les Cerniers in the Swiss Alps. Right in the heart of the Swiss Alps is a novel concept in eco-ski holidays; situated in the village of Les Cerniers at an altitude of 1.700 metres is the White Pod Resort. The collection of eco-friendly bio domes are conceived to work hand in hand with the natural surroundings, while providing an innovative, green living solution for ski loving holidaymakers.


The resort contains fifteen geodesic pods that employ modern technology on an old design. These modern igloos provide accommodation, beds, living quarters and a bathroom for a family of four and are fitted out with natural materials, cowhide flooring, sheepskin rugs, wood burning stoves and a sit in bathtub that uses less water too.

The pods are triple insulated cotton stretched over a sturdy frame and each is mounted on top of a wooden platform from where you can sit and admire the gorgeous, uninterrupted view of the surrounding countryside. Once inside, the pods are well sealed and are spacious enough to provide a lovely snug environment to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Swiss chalet

Central to the resort is the 19th century, traditional wooden built chalet that includes dormitories, which can sleep up to 80 visitors. There is also a restaurant serving typical Swiss cuisine and other relaxing features for its guests. The chalet also supports those people staying in the pods.

The resort includes a spa facility where weary skiers can unwind and have the aches and pains removed from their bodies or you can sit around the central open fire in the chalet and enjoy a few drinks while you relate the tales of your days adventures. The resort itself has over 7km of ski slopes with its own ski lift and also includes such activities as dog sledging, cross-country skiing, mountain hiking and snow boarding.

The site's owners pride themselves on their green credentials and go out of their way to reduce their impact on the surrounding area. There is a low water and electricity consumption policy, lots of recycling and use of renewable resources, while reducing the production of disposable waste.

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