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Donau Auen National Park - Austria

As a country, Austria is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world and a great destination for any eco-tourist currently planning their next vacation. As well as clean cities and green modes of transport there are also seven national parks to choose from, all of which are worth visiting should time allow.

Donau Auen National Park is just one of these parks and a vital contributor to the Austrian eco-system, thus its nickname "The Green Lung". The green traveller will feel right at home here much thanks to the variety of different tours and opportunities to learn about the eco-system and park life, most of which can be enjoyed without the need to jump in any kind of motorised vehicle.

Cycling trips that take visitors around the park, hiking expeditions which explore the forest and even tours that enjoy the Danube via canoe or dinghy make for a very enjoyable and environmentally friendly experience.

For visitors who are have plenty of time to explore this beautiful park, there is no better way to enjoy it than on foot. Travellers with hiking experience can simply grab a map and explore any number of various hiking routes that afford the opportunity to see the Riparian forests or the Danube in all its glory.

However, for those with less experience, or for that matter, those who simply want more of an education during their trek there are hiking tours available where experts will be happy to impart their knowledge as well as ensuring a safe trip without getting lost.

As with any national park, there are the simple green rules to follow when visiting which visitors should look up before embarking on a trip. Once visitors are familiar with these, all that remains is to plan your trip and to experience this jewel in the Austrian crown.

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