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Devil's Bridge and Nelson's dockyard - Antigua

Nelson's dockyard is the largest of all of Antigua's national parks and a real treasure for any green traveller interested in seeing a working Georgian dockyard in all its splendour. More than 200 years old the dockyard has been recognised for its importance due to its central location. It's the only one in Caribbean large enough to accommodate the larger boats as well being a once strategically importance base for the British navy.

Much work has gone into the restoration of the park which is home to a stunning coastline, beautiful art galleries and a museum which take visitors back to the 18th. As well as walking around the beautiful coastline visitors can enjoy a barbeque late afternoon on a Sunday. As well as sampling the local cuisine, this is a perfect opportunity to learn about local life and to directly contribute to the local economy. Shirley Heights offers breath taking views as well as forts dating back over 200 years.

Devil's bridge gives the eco-tourist an opportunity to view and learn something about the coastline and its history. Anyone with an interest in Geology will no doubt find this area fascinating as it has a virtual plethora of geysers as well as a beautiful coastline that has been beautifully carved over the millennia to produce the interesting formations that make their home there today.

As well as a wonderful coastline, both of these parks have many interesting tails to tell that visitors can learn about through visiting the museum and speaking to the locals. None of the stories are more intriguing than the one that explains how Devil's Ridge got its name. However, you will have to make the trip to find that one out.