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Danxia Landforms - China

The Danxia landforms are the various landscapes found in southeast and southwest China which consist of steep cliffs naturally decorated with red 'beds'. Theses landforms are unique amongst all rock formations in the world. They are formed from red sandstone which date back largely to the Cretaceous period. Peculiar to the landscape of Danxia is the development of numerous caves of varying sizes, shapes and depths. Six of the formations in 2010 were pronounced to be UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The green traveller who wants to experience the beauty of these magnificent land formations should pay a visit to the county of Zhangyne. Zhangye is an important stop on the ancient Silk Road and a national historical and cultural city. The long and brilliant history endows Zhangye with many cultural sites, including the Grand Buddha Temple, the Wooden Tower, and Mati Temple Grotto as well as the Danxia landforms. Its featured snacks are famous inside and outside Gansu Province. To book a tour through this area then visit ChinaHighlights.com to view the array of tour packages available that most suit your ecotourism needs.

Another great section to check out is Taining County in the Fujian Province. Here are very good examples of "young" danxia landforms wherein deep, narrow valleys have been formed (as the landform gets older, valleys widen and one gets isolated towers and ridges). ChinaFactTours.com offer various tours of what is known as the Golden Lake area, and is a must for ecotourists looking for the natural beauty of our planet in all its wonder. Fujian Province is also a great place for the green traveler as it is currently taking measures to become an environmentally friendly Province - so go and see how it's all coming on.