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Bora Bora - French Polynesia

A couple of thousand miles east off the coast of Australia lie the French Polynesian islands. One of these islands is that of Bora Bora. Surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef this island is beautiful and a virtual haven for the ecotourist.

The island is very much self-sustaining with most of its produce coming from the sea, thus ensuring that every penny spent goes directly back into the local economy.

As if life couldn't get any better for the ecotourist visiting the islands there is even the Bora Bora Ecolodge for your comfort. The lodge has two separate facilities so you have a choice of which island you would prefer to stay on during your visit. However, both offer a serene stay as you bask on an island as close to heaven as you will find.

However, not everyone likes to just laze around all day so if you're more of a doer than relaxer then there are plenty of activities to be had as well. Whether you like the idea of snorkelling to admire the seas life or just sitting back enjoying a boat trip with a guide who can impart his knowledge of the island your trip can be as educational as it is fun.

You can even take a trip on the glass bottom boat to immerse yourself in the sea life surrounding the island. Kayaks and Jet Skis are also available for the more adventurous of you.

However, whatever you decide to do it can all be organised once you arrive at the island and that way you ensure that you are directly contributing to the local economy and doing your bit.