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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

If you are an ecotourist planning a trip to Reykjavik anytime soon then a visit to the world famous Blur Lagoon will likely enhance your experience. Around 40 miles away from the capital of Iceland this incredible geothermal spa is located in the heart of a lava field and is renowned for its healing properties.

Sourced from a geothermic power plant, the water is renewed every two days and has all sorts of minerals that are said to reinvigorate and to help with some skin deceases.

As well as enjoying the Blue Lagoon why not pamper yourself at the Blue Lagoon Spa clinic. Not only will you be able to leave feeling invigorated, you know that you're doing your bit for the local economy as well as contributing to a business that takes its environmental responsibilities very serious. The Spa has been awarded the Blue Flag award which means that it has fulfilled a range of self-sustaining and environmental criteria.

Now, the Blue Lagoon is a fair sized place so you probably won't get the best enjoyment on foot. However, with the beautiful air in Iceland and the wonderful scenery you won't get the full pleasure if you see it from a car or bus so why not try out the Blue Lagoon & Bike hire company.

There are restrictions however and the tour by bike only operates during the summer so you may want to consider this before booking. You will also be able to enjoy stunning views of the volcanic landscapes and lava fields. There is even a stop to bathe in the famous spa

Iceland is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world and can be a real haven for the eco tourist, so enjoy your trip.