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Blue Grotto Cave Capri Italy

The Blue Grotto Cave on the island of Capri in Italy is one of several sea caves worldwide that is flooded with a brilliant blue or emerald light. Once inside, the dazzling effect becomes clear - the water below is more light-filled, as it were, than the air above the surface. The source of this light comes from a gap in the rock underneath the cave entrance and it sends its iridescence beautifully through the water. If you place your hand in the water it will glow eerily in this light.

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If, however, you want to sit down to a meal and enjoy being wined and dined, but still want to make sure you are spending your money locally, then La Capannina is something not to be missed. The delicious traditional cuisine of Capri and the convivial atmosphere created by Antonio and Aurelia De Angelis and their children Francesco and Renata make a visit to this restaurant a traditional, authentic eating experience in Capri - the perfect way to end a day spent in the stunning glow of the Blue Grotto.