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Binalong Bay & the Bay of Fries - Tasmania

Just of the south coast of Australia lies the island of Tasmania and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires are both on the north east coast of Tasmania and a haven for any green traveller looking for an idyllic location to relax and enjoy a holiday.

Most ecotourists love the idea of exploring a new area without the use of public transport or a car and as such, the stunning part of Tasmania's north coastline is surely not going to disappoint. With many stunning sandy beaches as well as tiny secluded areas you can choose to wonder along the sand enjoying the sun or find somewhere a little more personal to relax with a bottle of wine and the special someone.

There is always the danger when you go on vacation that you could miss some of what the location has to offer simply through lack of knowledge. With Premier Tasmania Tours you can be sure that not only will you be able to get the best out of your visit, you can do so safe in the knowledge that your tour operator is a local with a real in-depth knowledge of everything Tasmania. If you have specific preferences or something you would rather do that is not on offer elsewhere then get in contact with them as they also have a tour that can be tailored to your needs.

For the perfect eco-friendly location why not check out the Bay of Fires Lodge. The lodge itself is self-sustaining and a real catch for the green traveller. However, just getting to the lodge will determine just how serious you are about the environment as it does require a 20km walk, accompanied by an experienced guide of course, to get to your destination safely.

If you are serious about being green though this is a perfect opportunity to get plenty of exercise, enjoy your surroundings and take in the real Tasmania before you even arrive.