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Biking in Norway: last effort to reach Flekkefjord

Our ecotourism experience is almost over, but there is still time for the last great effort, more than 60 Km biking in one of the most beautiful landscape in Norway. They said Norwegian artists used to come along this route when looking for inspiration. Are you ready for that?

From Egersund to Flekkefjord

This part of the North Sea Cycle Route closes the 296 km long trip we started in Haugesund. It is the hardest experience but also the most rewarding one. Wake up early so you have enough time to take all the stops you need.

The route down to Flekkefjord runs along the Riksvej 44 and it is quite demanding, especially the last half. Be prepared to push the bicycle several times, at least we had to do it; imagine to pass from sea level to over than 200 meters in 2,5 Km. But this could also be an excuse to join the stunning landscape of this beautiful corner in the southern western region of Norway.

You will pass by a number of lakes, so inviting that you should go for a swim if the weather allows you to take off your clothes!

One particular attraction on the way are the houses built under an overhanging rock. It is very original and picturesque and I guess it was made that way to protect the houses from the strong winds. In spite Norway is not a seismic land, it is a kind of scary to see that huge mass suspended upon your head!

Take a rest in the picturesque fishing town of Sogndalstrand (Sokndal).

After taking pictures, it is time to go back on the road and keep on biking to Flekkefjord.

I consider getting to the small nice town of Ana-Sira as a double impact, because you sweat and work hard to reach a hill top of 275 m, then stretch your leg on the very steep descent (200 meters down in 3 Km) and finally can touch the ground of Ana-Sira. Is it done? Not at all, because another steep ascent (250 meters) is waiting for you!

I have to admit that it is hard, but the terrific nature will compensate the bother. In moments like this I realize that biking in Norway is a realistic ecotourism experience: you are on your own, without any fast food, hotel, organized tour, shop and so on. You really feel the nature at its best.


When you finally reach the top of the hill, there is only the last descent between you and the quiet town of Flekkefjord. That's the end of our adventure, take you time to visit the surroundings, rest your bones at Egenes camping (160 Kr for a person with a tent, plus 60 Kr for each additional person), not far from the town centre.

I hope you enjoyed this ecotourism experience, made the most of it and, if it your first time, I hope this is going to be just the beginning of a new way of travelling.

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Check this out! The map shows the different latitudes along this path.

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