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Biking in Norway: discover ecotourism in the land of the Vikings

Pristine waterfalls, surprising beaches, dramatic fjords and fairy tales type wooden houses: that's just a part of what you can see while biking in Norway, an unforgettable ecotourism experience. So, leave your stress and busy life at home, jump on a bike and start pushing your feet on pedals, the terrific beauty of Norway is waiting for you!

Biking in Norway represents a perfect way to make ecotourism a lifetime experience and links you emotionally with the nature. What do you think of, when it comes to choose for a sustainable transport? Yes, you got it, the bike! But unfortunately not every place is equipped with an appropriate circuit of cycling routes and sometimes you have to give up and go for a more conventional form of transportation, like car or bus, unless you are particularly brave or fit.
Norway is really a bicycle friendly country and lets you discover itself with feet on pedals.

So, why don't you pack up a few things a start a beautiful journey through magical landscapes, mystical forests and idyllic towns? While biking in Norway you can discover numerous cycling tracks, both for kids and adults in a reasonable fitness condition. Follow me and find out that ecotourism is not only sustainable, but it is also a great way of travelling in freedom. You are not going to miss a thing! The path I am going to show you is pretty flat, and only the first part (or the last, depending on the way) comes with a couple of steep ascents. But, if you prefer to take it easy, it is possible to skip them.

Cycle Route: Haugesund to Flekkefjord, Rogaland County

Here is a summary of what you are going to see and view along the way, what you have to bring and what you should be prepared for. The Rogaland County is situated in the southwest coast of Norway and the cycle path is a part of the more than 6000 Km long North Cycle Route. Don't worry, we are going to explore less than 300..

The cycle route could be done in both directions (Haugesund - Flekkefjord and viceversa) and includes a ferry ride through the Kvits?y archipelago which separates the Stavanger region from that of Karm?y.

What to bring

Bring only what you reckon is necessary, such as bike shorts, a few clothes, a medical kit, your camera and some canned food. In order for your trip to be a total ecotourism experience, a tent is required, so you should add it, along with your sleeping bags, to the list. As Norway has an unpredictable weather, bring both warm and light clothes, a waterproof jacket and sturdy shoes.

What to expect: best time to go

Without any doubt, the best season for biking in Norway is summer, especially July and August, when you have the best chance to find nice and warm weather, but prices will be higher and places crowded. Going May, early June or late September puts you in a bit of risk, but you will get much more nature just for yourself! We went in July and we were caught in heavy rain showers a couple of times. It's mostly a matter of luck!

Some tips

While biking in Norway, prefer the way southward, as usually the winds blow from north to south but, as they may change, always have a look at them on the weather forecast. It is very important to avoid headwind , especially if you are loaded up, as it is going to slow you so down that you'd regret the moment you jumped on that damn bike! Anyway, in case it happens, or it rains too heavily, you can always catch a train (yes, you can take your bike on board, paying a little fee) because the railway line runs alongside this part of the North Sea Cycle Route.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Annunziata