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Biking in Norway: up and down until Egersund

From Ogna to the end of the route, in Flekkefjord, the road gets challenging, as it alternates ascents and descents frequently and the wind may not be a good help if it blows on your face. But that's a part of ecotourism and biking in Norway involves adventure and setbacks.

From Ogna to Egersund

There are only 25 Km from Ogna to Egersund, but you will go as high as 100 meters, then the terrain slopes down to sea level and continues with ascents (not more than 40 meters) and descents. Your effort will be rewarded by a spectacular landscape, with green hills, little streams and fjords. A cloudy sky makes it even more dramatic. This aspect never disappoints when biking in Norway!

There are no places to stop along the way, so be sure to have enough water and food before leaving. And be ready to wear your waterproof jacket because you may not find a shelter in case of heavy rain.

Arriving in Egersund (only 13.000 inhabitants) gives you a sense of peace, order and relax. There is almost no traffic, everyone is nice and helpful and town lies quietly on a beautiful natural harbor.


You are probably eager to find an accommodation and Egersund has to offer two good camping sites, Steinsnes and Hauen. We stayed in Steinsnes, 3 Km away from the town center, along a picturesque path by the river; it costs 130 Kr per night for a two persons tent and 300 Kr for a basic cabin (no inland water and common toilet). Hauen asks for more, like 150 Kr per night and from 450 for the cabins. The distance from the center is 7 Km. Both camping sites charge 4 Kr for a 15 minutes hot shower.

What to see

Egersund is a nice town, small and sleepy, but its old center is one of the most well preserved in Norway, with original wooden houses from the XVI century. Egersund Fayancemuseum is another attraction, right in the centre, and exhibits a large selection of Egersund Fayancefabriks.

What to do

If you planned two stay a couple of days in Egersund, visiting Bjerkreim and Lund is an option that won't disappoint. There are no cycle routes but the traffic is not that intense. Anyway there is a number of marked walking trails and paths for cycling. Fishing is excellent either in the rivers or in the sea.

When the sun makes it appearance and the wind chill down, temperatures in Egersund could reach 28? and the beach becomes a perfect place to stroll a bit. Skadbergsanden is the most popular beach around the town on the north side of Eigeroy, an island connected to the mainland by a bridge. You can bike, hitch-hiking or walk to get there. The bus is another option, but it demands 24 Kr each person one way for a 10 minutes ride. From Skadberg the lighthouse is just 5 Km away.

Skadbergsanden beach is usually crowded during warm days in summer, so you can move to Gada, approximately 9Km from Egersund centre, if you are looking for a more private place to swim.


If you need to rent a bike, refer to the Fire Department; the price is very cheap for very basic mountain bikes, around 150 Kr per day or 500 Kr per week. They are good to visit the area around Egersund but are not comfortable at all if you need to load luggage and tent.

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