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Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park - Belarus & Poland

On the border of Belarus and Poland sits one of the most beautiful and unspoiled national parks in Europe. There are many factors that make this park appealing to the 21st century eco-tourist such as the fact that cars are not allowed on site.

However, this is not something that visitors who do travel by car should be concerned with as there are many tours available. Whilst some visitors may prefer the intimacy of travelling around the park in their own time, there are advantages to taking a tour. You have the company of someone who knows the area, and who can impart their knowledge of the park's history. You will learn about notable areas that are worth seeing and give you a greater insight into everything from the local flora to fauna, of which there are plenty worth seeing.

Green travellers who have a special interest in flowers and trees will be at home here as there are nearly 1000 different species growing. However, it is probably the ancient and imposing Oak trees that are the highlight of the plant world in this park.

For the animal lovers out there a plentiful variety of different shapes and sizes await. From otters to lynx to woodpeckers, there are plenty that wonder the park by day or night with the highlight being that of the European Bison. This rare species is said to be in larger numbers in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park than anywhere else on the continent.

For those looking to totally immerse themselves in the park there is also a library, zoo and a museum all of which will aid in gaining a far greater understanding of the park. For tourists looking to spend their entire vacation at the park, there are a couple of hotels. What better way to enjoy and feel right at home.