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The Bavarian Forest National Park - Germany

There can be few more beautiful sights in Europe than the Bavarian forest. Tens of thousands of beautiful trees stretching out in to the wilderness as far as the eye can see in all directions.

The green traveller won't have any trouble finding suitable accommodation during a trip to the Bavarian Forest. There are plenty of eco-friendly options ranging from camp sites to apartments where you can enjoy a break.

Once you have decided where to stay it be a good idea to take a tour. There is no need to put your hand in your pocket as the tours are provided free of charge and are an excellent way of showing you around, whilst giving you the opportunity to learn much about the environment, nature and ecosystem.

The park is worth visiting at any time of the year, with both winter and summer having their advantages. Summer is probably the better option for those with young families or those who are not hardened to the weather. Whereas, winter is appealing to the snow lovers out there as it offer opportunities to go cross country skiing. The climate can get quite harsh in the winter so if you are planning a trip during the colder months it makes sense to do your homework first and make sure you are travelling prepared in case you encounter any difficult weather fronts

One of the park's greatest aspects is it miles and miles of hiking trails. There is no better way for the ecotourist to enjoy the park than on foot and the abundance of different trails can surely make for an exciting break.

For the nature lovers out there you will be happy to learn that there is no shortage of fauna to enjoy, species indigenous to the area include three toed woodpeckers, otters, hazel grouse and a variety of owls.

photo credit: skoeber via photopin cc