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Angkor Wat - for the green traveller visiting Cambodia

This 12th century temple is a wonder to behold and is the biggest Hindu temple in the world. Located in the Siem Reap Province and regarded as one of the most important archaeological sites in Asia, the temple is now a UNESCO world heritage site. However, there is much more than just the temple to enjoy when visiting Angkor. Angkor is over 400sq kilometres and has an abundance of temples, reservoirs and canals.

Before travelling you should consider booking accommodation close to Angkor Wat. The Angkor Wonder Hostel is located ten minutes' drive from Angkor Wat and rooms can cost from as little as ?2.46 per night. The hostel offers everything you would expect and more for this price and is situated in the Old market area.

When visiting any developing nation, it's nice to know that you are supporting the local economy and with Angkor Wat tours you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you are doing just that. The tours themselves are in a type of motorised rickshaw and cost around $15 per day. You can either plan the tour yourself or let your expert guide show you the real Angkor area.

For a taste of the local culture, take some time during your visit to stop by the Noon-Night Market in Angkor Wat. The market sells everything from traditional foods to souvenirs and art. However, there is another reason for visiting, the market contributes to the local Happy Family Orphanage charity, so you know that by contributing to this part of the economy you are making a real difference.

During your visit to Noon-Night you can also take the opportunity to relax and enjoy a massage or even a fish massage. Once you have had your massage you can always sit and enjoy a drink at the Lunar bar till the early hours.

Whatever your plans, Angkor Wat is an ideal location for the eco-tourist who is looking for a relaxing holiday while assisting with the communities self-sustainment.