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Alhambra - for the green traveller visiting Granada

Constructed in the mid-10th century the Alhambra fortress lies at the top of the hill of the Assabica in Granada, Spain. These wonderful Muslim palaces were built for the last Emirs of Spain. Since the erection of the first building each ruler that followed added to it and as such has left their own mark on the fortress. Some of the buildings have been damaged, however, for the best part the structure is a wonder to behold and worth a visit.

When it comes to budget priced accommodation in Granada the Granada Inn Backpackers comes highly recommended. Rooms come from as little at ?10.65 per night and the hostel has won the Hostel Bookers Best Value award for 2012. It's reasonably close to the Alhambra fortress so that you can visit on foot.

There are several tours available for the fortress with the Alhambra Fortress tour - with expert guide looking to be one of the best. The tour comes with an English speaking guide who are said to be very enthusiastic and lasts for around 3-4 hours depending on whether you have transport.

If you are planning on hiring a bike during your stay in Granada it may be worth considering a mountain bike from Mountain Bike Granada as opposed to a road bike. As well as cycling to the Alhambra, there are a lot of roads into the mountains which are quite hilly. Mountain bike Granada will also be happy to advise you on different routes to cycle based upon your experience.

For local produce the best thing to do is visit the shops in the centre of Granada. There are a lot of specialist suppliers and shops that sell locally grown fruit and vegetables. The main market in Granada is San Agustin which is located just behind the Gran Via.

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