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Acropolis of Athens - for the green traveller visiting Greece

The Acropolis sits high above the city of Athens and is the most famous landmark in all of Greece. Now a world heritage, site the Acropolis is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and well worth a visit.

The first thing you will need to consider during your trip to Greece is accommodation. The Kallimarmaro apartment is a real gem as it's located close to Syntagma square and is easily accessible from the airport. From as little as ?286 per month the apartment sleeps 5 people and has everything you need for a self-catering vacation.

There is no better way to appreciate any major landmark than to have a guided tour by an expert. The Walking Athens tour takes in the Acropolis whilst allowing you time to visit some of the other major landmarks in the city. The tour includes a visit of Hadrian's Arch, as well as a tour of the important sites by metro. Ideal if you are staying at the Kallimarmaro apartment, as the starting point is very close by.

For those who prefer to explore Athens by themselves, why not check out Athens by Bike. Bike hire is available from an hour to per day and they will happily deliver the bike to wherever you are staying. They will also give advice on various routes, should you decide to go for the tour.

Once you have seen the Acropolis and enjoyed Athens from the land, then why not try the Coastal Athens Eco Tour. This experience that takes in Swimming, hiking and kayaking lasts around 5 hours and can be booked from as little as EUR52 per person.

Whatever you decide to do whilst visiting Athens have fun and remember your environmental responsibilities.

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