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Abisko National Park - Sweden

There is much more to Lapland than just visiting Santa as any eco tourist who has visited Abisko National Park will tell you. Established just over 100 years ago Abisko is Sweden's most famous national park and covers an area of around 77sq km.

Whether you are a summer or winter person Abisko offers sights and activities to suit the traveller who wants an environmentally friendly holiday. In the summer you can enjoy the beautiful fjords and cascading waterfalls as you trek your way through the countryside. If it is your first visit why not take advantage of one of the many tours on offer.

If you are travelling between May and July you will also be fortunate enough to enjoy the experience known as the Midnight Sun. A phenomenon whereby the sun never sets and night and day come together to give you a beautiful constant daylight. It is suggested that you take sleeping goggles as if you are not used to this you may find sleeping a little difficult at first.

Once at the park you can enjoy a range of eco-friendly activities such as caving or fly fishing. Or simply take in the stunning scenery such as the Trollsj?n, known as the clearest lake in Sweden. Whatever you decide to do Abisko won't disappoint.

If you are considering a winter break then you also have the option of seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Many consider the Abisko Mountain Station in Sweden to be one of the best places on the planet to witness this wonder of human nature. As well as seeing the Northern Lights the area has a wonderful variety of wildlife to enjoy for those animal lovers among you.