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A Unique Outdoor Travel Experience in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey is a spot I would recommend for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a chilled-out trip full of discovery and natural wonders. Taken from the Persian word, “Katpatuka,” it literally translates into “The land of beautiful horses.” The vast landscape can only be described as a natural wonderland, home to the most exquisite natural rock formations, underground cities, and the fairy chimneys at the Göreme Open Air Museum.

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10 natural wonders in Turkey

With a rich history and culture as well as plethora of natural resources, Turkey became the third most popular destination in the world last year. In 2013 alone, the country was visited by 39.7 million travelers from Europe and foreign nations, which was predicted to increase last year and in 2015 as reported by the Daily Sabah. If you’re visiting Turkey anytime soon, here are some of its hotspots to include in your list of must-see places.


Atami Hotel

Set in the central of a natural picturesque scene, Atami Hotel is a boutique hotel situated in Bodrum, Turkey. What sets this little hotel apart from its counterparts is the beautiful setting it resides in.



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