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Ecotourism in Estonia

Ecotourism in Estonia is simply enchanting, whether it's nature-based or cultural-based. Experiencing ecotourism in Estonia is also sustainable, due to the Baltic nation's commitment to community-based development, opportunities for local interaction, and preservation of its cultural heritage and environment.


European Ecotourism Conference 2010

By Admin, 07/29/2010 - 21:05

This year, the first European Ecotourism Conference (EETC) is starting a new tradition in the European travel scene - an annual gathering of experts, business leaders, and public and private stakeholders to encourage ongoing conversations about the current state of ecotourism development and future challenges and opportunities.

The EETC 2010 will be held in P?rnu, Estonia, from September 26-30, including pre- and post-conference tours to share Estonia's local culture, natural beauty and rural traditions.

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