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Why China could become the best ecotourism destination

By Laeti, 10/07/2014 - 03:33

China is not generally associated with ecology and sustainable development. However the travel boom experienced by Chinese citizen could prove to be the greatest chance for ecotourism to grow on an unprecedented level in China. The domestic demand for short trips to rural and green areas is exploding as more and more city dwellers are showing an interest for escaping the grey and polluted towns and (re)discovering the green beauties of their country. This is an opportunity to educate the population and raise awareness for environmental issues and challenges. The local and national authorities are already promoting and supporting initiatives for a respectful development in rural and nature protected areas. Moreover, China has excellent assets for low impact travel featuring an extensive railway network and a wide variety of nature reserve and national parks.

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Photo credit : Gabrielle Jaffe

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Mount Danxia Geological Park. Credit Gabrielle Jaffe