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Travel to Conserve a Malaysian Island Environment

Take a trip to one of Malaysia’s most gorgeous destinations, Perhentian Islands. Just off the East Coast are two islands, Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil. Beyond their crystalline waters, lie exotic, sandy beaches leading to lush jungles in the heart of the islands.

Malaysia is the perfect choice for eco travelers, including families and large groups. Other than the usual outdoor eco activities, there are several volunteer programs to take part in.  During the programs, you will have an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the islands and see and learn all about this beautiful location while interacting with its locals who will host you during your stay.

Dive to Protect the Marine Environment

Some of the programs to consider are the Turtle Conservation Project and the Perhentian Dive Project. If you love marine life, then the diving program is a must for you. You will dive down into paradise alongside researchers where you will gather data on the coral reef and seagrass in the underwater habitat while viewing the tropical fish and other species who have made it their home. Your dive will contribute towards preserving the reefs, sea beds, and surrounding marine environment.

Turtle Conservation

The Turtle Conservation Project is one in which you will be able to experience long beach walks during your night patrols to identify the turtles as well as learn to use ‘snorkel photo identification’ techniques. Assist the researchers by taking shots of the turtles while collecting relevant scientific data. The photos are valuable to researchers who will use them to track the turtles’ movements in their environment around the islands. All data is vital for the sea turtle management program for the islands.

You will spend time along Turtle Beach as well as in the village and enjoy a rustic lifestyle. Mornings off can be spent relaxing on the beach in a hammock, followed by snorkeling surveys in the afternoon and evening patrols at the end of the day under the stars. Turtles lay their eggs during this time and you may also be fortunate enough to see their hatchlings go off to sea for the first time.

Traditional Malay island Accomodation

You will be hosted in a local island village and can immerse yourself in their island culture. Located on Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the two islands, all program participants will be housed in a mixed dormitory in a traditional Malay island home. Guests will feel true Malaysian hospitality surrounded by the friendly village locals and try out some of the island cooking.

Visiting the Perhentian Islands is an eco- adventure into paradise where you can do your bit to preserve and protect the Malaysian environment.


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Assist In The Conservation of These Magnificent Marine Turtles