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10 top ecolodges in South America

By Laeti, 11/03/2014 - 14:08

With the world's largest rainforest in the Amazon River Basin, the breathtaking sights of the Patagonian plateau, the heights of the Andean plains, or the biodiverse Galapagos Islands, South America has a lot to offer for the eco-tourist seeking great adventures

1. Cristalino  Jungle Lodge, Alta Floresta, Matto Grosso, Brazil


Ecotourism in Ecosystems - Discover Nature Wonders from Mountaintops to Seafloors


Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to be posting my first blog post on Mynatour! I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a mini-series that I'm going to be writing on Mynatour regarding ecotourism in different ecosystems. But, before I do I'd like to write a little about ecotourism and biodiversity conservation.


Ecotourism in Belize, Preserve, Conserve, and Educate

With its lush tropical sites, impressive mountains and caves, and intriguing ancient Mayan ruins, Belize is a haven for ecotourism and exploration. Belize is so well suited to ecotourism, that it has become the country's largest industry. Unfortunately, the ecotourists have also brought with them, albeit unintentionally, environmental degradation of many of Belize's most popular ecotourism sites.


Ecotourism in Laos

Small and land-locked, Laos is becoming an increasingly popular southeast Asian destination, and for good reason. The country is home to some spectacular natural sights, intriguing historical sites, varying volunteer experiences, and totally unique ecotourism experiences.

Water, Water Everywhere

Despite being a land-locked country, travelling in Laos offers multiple opportunities for water-based activities.


Ecotourism in Brazil: Adventure, Nature, and Best Practice

Brazil has a somewhat complex relationship with the environment; it is famed for natural attractions such as the beaches, mountains, and jungle, yet also notorious for its challenging task of managing the rainforest. Brazil is becoming an increasingly popular destination, especially due to its natural splendour, so ecotourism is a significant part of the tourism industry.

Adventure Tourism

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