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By Laeti, 12/09/2014 - 08:52

We all know that our childhood friend Santa is super green because as he uses reindeer to power his sleigh around the world, with no emissions other than Rudolph's occasional droppings. Although we don't expect you to hook up with a magic flying vehicle and nine woodland creatures, you can make a difference by embracing the carpool concept! Driving alone is very inefficient, especially when others are going your way. Back in the car lovin' USA, the average American emits a massive 3.7 tons(3700 kilograms!) of CO2 each year on the commute to work. By sharing the daily trip to work with just one other person for 2 days a week, you could make huge savings in petrol, cut your CO2 emissions AND get the opportunity to make your ride to and from work a more social and rewarding experience. There's also the added bonus of getting to sing in harmony to your favourite song as you finish a hard day's slog!

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