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European getaway among the meadow flowers

The Dutch tulip season is just around the corner, as the Netherlands celebrates National Tulip Day in january. Just to see these flowers blooming is what attracts visitors to come and experience this beautiful sight. Picking gardens in Amsterdam are filled vibrant, fragrant tulips but also many tourists and locals enjoying the flower season.

Not too far from Amsterdam is the area known as Bollenstreek or The Flower Strip. In this region, the fields are scattered with the most beautiful flowers growing naturally in their environment. If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the flowers when they are in full bloom, try and plan your trip any time between the months of March and May. In Bollenstreek you can you can immerse yourself in meadows of colorful tulips, vibrant yellow daffodils, pink crocuses, and purple hyacinths.

Eco Tours And Activities

The Flower Strip is only an hour from the outskirts of Amsterdam, but a place where the atmosphere is still, and the sounds of flowing water and birds chirping can be heard. The region can be explored on foot, as there are many walking trails one can follow, although a comfortable bike ride is a more popular choice. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air, stunning nature, and grab a few photo ops along the way.

In the Netherlands, you will notice plenty of bicycles around, as the Dutch enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There are many bicycle tours to join if you would prefer a guided tour. So why not take a few hours to explore the countryside? A leisurely ride along the Amstel River will take you past lush pastures where cows graze just outside the nearby villages. You can even tuck into a piece of homemade Dutch cheese in a traditional farmhouse.

From Amsterdam, there are also guided canoe tours to the rural lands. Tourists can paddle along the waterways and take in the views of sunsets, blossoming flowers in the meadows, and picturesque villages, while passing beds of reeds teeming with birdlife. The 4-hour paddle ends off with a picnic dinner served in a beautiful setting surrounding the lake where guests can relax and gaze upon the windmills in the distance. There is also a midday canoe trip available if you are not able to make the sunset tour.

One of the well-known attractions in the country is the peaceful village of Kinderdijk located 15km from Rotterdam. Its collection of 19 windmills from the 1500’s now stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, visitors can get close-up to these beautifully preserved windmills on the pedestrian and cycling routes, and even on the canal tour which passes through Kinderdijk. If you have some free time, pay a visit to De Groene Passage in Rotterdam, which includes an organic market and organic restaurants.

Sustainable Accomodation

Rotterdam is a city which is focusing on reducing its carbon footprint in many aspects of life and there is no shortage of green accommodation. Some eco-friendly hotels in the area worth mentioning include the Hampshire Hotel Rotterdam and Park Inn by Radisson. When it comes to Amsterdam, you will find a wide selection of comfy, sustainable accommodation available, as it is considered as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Green hotels in the city particularly noted for having a low carbon footprint are Conscious Hotel Vondelpark, Hampshire Hotel in Eden Amsterdam, and Best Western Plus Hotel in Blue Square.

The wildflowers and nature in the Netherlands are spectacular during both the winter and summer seasons. So, and if you love the outdoors and are longing for a pleasant, laid back European getaway, this is just up your alley.

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Along The flower Strip On Foot