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The Enchanting Alps of Berchtesgaden, Germany

Berchtesgaden! Music to my ears  - If you are seeking a magical journey into nature, this is a destination worth putting on your list. Situated in the Bavarian alps in Germany, the location offers stunning landscapes, a breath of pure mountain air, and equal opportunities to travel throughout the year, no matter the season. To the south of this delightful German city, is the nature reserve where local families and tourists enjoy walking to explore the surroundings. One can take a stroll through the low alpine pastures or explore the thick forested areas, and end off the day with a dip in the lake.

Outdoor Activities In Pristine Natural Surroundings

Berchtesgaden National Park is the only one of its kind in the alpine region, located at the foot of the magnificent Mount Watzmann. The park was declared a ‘biosphere reserve’ by UNESCO, but you really need to experience it for yourself, as its pristinely preserved nature is indescribable. To explore this natural gem, one can take a walk through the valley or even hike to one of the mountain peaksto witness the views. Each trail  in the park is 230 kilometers and can also be enjoyed as cycling routes. Guided walking tours are available throughout the park and special ones are organised for kids too. These have been extermely popular among travellers who would like to have a relaxing walk to view the beauty of Berchtesgaden without exerting themselves too much.

The mountain, its highest peak reaching 900 feet, overlooks Lake Königssee, also known as King’s Lake, on its eastern side while it towers over a beautiful, yet unusual sight on its western side, Wimbach Valley. The mountain range has three peaks – Hocheck, Mittelspitze, and Südespitze. The clear mountain water in Lake Königssee, offers a refreshing swim, while kayaking over the deep, clear waters in the valley is a popular choice among visitors. Eco-friendly passenger boats transport visitors across the waters of the lake and are easily accessible.

When the lake is too icy during the winter, wintersports such as sledding, skiing, and snowboarding take preference among outdoor activites. The E- bikes are also great to use when its chilly outside. The tracks left by the winter sledges are used for toboggan runs during the summer. The warm weather is also just right for wild water rafting and canyon runs for the more adventurous at heart. Cycling also picks up during the summer and with so many trails, including matching trails for kids, the whole family can join in for a ride through nature. 

Other Interesting Trips and Beautiful Sites in Berchtesgaden

Lake Königssee being over 620 feet deep, is one of the  deepest lakes in the area with the most mesmerizing, clear waters. The region of Ramsau in Berchtesgaden National Park is in a quiet, beautiful setting alongside another lake, Lake Hintersee. The location is home to waterfalls and rivers, popular for fishing and water activities. From the shores of the lake, visitors step into the enchanting woods of eastern Hintersee to be surrounded by awe-inspiring indigenous beauty of Bavaria.Not too far from Lake Königssee, is the village of St. Bartholome which has plenty of restaurants serving traditional dishes, a baroque church, and outdoor areas to smoke fish. Another site worth visiting is the 'ice chapel,' which is a small cave located 45 minutes outside the village where ice formations can be seen throughout the year.

Eco-living in Bavarian Nature

A getaway in Berchtesgaden is great choice for eco-travellers with several green accommodation facilities available to you. Here are two eco-friendly options to consider when traveling to the area. Fereinparadien Alpenglühn is nestled in the heart of Bechtesgaden. This cosy accommodation option makes use of energy saving lighting, water flow reducers, and uses local, organic food in their restaurant, while keeping a low carbon footprint. Naturidyll Hotel Hammerschmiede is another eco-friendly hotel for guests situated in a secluded, woody location where it is quiet and the fresh, forest air echoes with the sounds of local birdlife. It is close to the mountain streams and waterfall and the hotel also offers a sauna, solarium, and infrared cabin, and practices sustainable living.

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Lake Königssee