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The Best Ecolodges of the French Alps

The French Alps are a relatively young mountain range, and therefore offer some of the most breathtaking vistas - sheer, angular snow-capped peaks, with secluded valleys nestled between them. As a holiday destination, the Alps are most often associated with ski-resorts and over-priced chalets. Increasingly people are now flocking to the French Alps during the summer months thanks to numerous eco-lodges which have sprung up in the region over the last few years. Many of these provide affordable, environmentally friendly accommodation during the clement months of summer, often providing nature orientated activities for those of us that enjoy the great outdoors.

So, what are the choice available to those wishing to travel to the Alps during the summer, and would prefer to stay at an environmentally friendly, nature-orientated retreat? The answer: more than you might think. Whether you are single, a couple or a family, and whatever your budget, if you love beautiful scenery and pristine landscapes then there is surely a place for you in the French Alps. Now, let us look at a few examples.

Hotel in Chamonix: Chamonix is a beautiful region of the French Alps. The eco-lodges available at this location range in size from 2-4 person chalets up to 8-10 person. Additionally summer activities include mountain biking, mountaineering and nature walks making it ideal for both families or adults without children. The pony rides are a huge favourite with children, and for those who are less confident about setting off into the mountains alone, the resort has experienced mountain guides available to ensure that your adventures run smoothly.

La Source Ecolodge : La Source is a well-established eco-lodge in Samoens, near Mont Ruan on the border of France and Switzerland. The resort is geared towards families but can be equally enjoyable for singles and couples. La Source is run in a strictly environmentally friendly fashion, and the menu is vegetarian. Though even meat-eater should enjoy their well-planned and meticulously prepared meals. Activities at La Source include mountain biking, water sports on the lake, and yoga. Accommodation is available for groups of up to 25 people, so is ideal for special occasions and group excursions.

Hotel Green Ecolodge : Hotel Green Eco-lodge, near the picturesque village of  La Colmiane in Valdeblore, is a perfect location for those who want a bit of luxury and comfort to relax. The hotel's chalets are luxuriously adorned with stunning views and the adjoining restaurant is famous throughout the region. The site also has free, fast wi-fi for those who do not wish to forego all the trappings of modern life. The Hotel's spa, sauna and on-site massage and beauty therapists provide the extra level of pampering for those who want to unwind. Although there are no adventure sports and activities offered by the hotel, those who feel the need for something slightly more rigorous than a steaming away their worries in a sauna can find these pursuits available in the nearby town. Car hire is also provided should you find yourself gripped by the urge to explore.


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