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Eco tourism in Sweden

Sweden is a fascinating country that has in recent years morphed into a top tourist destination, especially amongst ecotourism enthusiasts, thanks to its wonderful natural features. As the second nation in the world after Australia to adopt an ecotourism charter, it offers visitors the rare opportunity to savour the best ecological marvels that it has to offer, while also encouraging them to make a positive contribution to the environment.

Eco-tourism activities to indulge while in Sweden

  • Check out the country’s national parks

Sweden is a country that has worked hard over the years to preserve natural animal habitats in the form of national parks. Not surprisingly, it has dedicated a whopping 731,589 hectares to 29 of them, making the nation seem like one big park. Its first park was Sarek, which was created in 1909. It was the only one of its kind at the time on the continent. As a result of the continuous conservation efforts, the country is endowed with beautiful rolling hills and unspoiled mountainous terrain.  

  • Enjoy Arctic Circle adventures

If you have never been to the Arctic Circle, heading north to the national parks in the Swedish Lapland will reward you with the chance to check out this unique environment. The region is mainly inhabited by the indigenous Sami people whose main activity is herding reindeer, and for eco-tourism enthusiasts, this is also an opportunity to learn and appreciate a unique, exotic culture. This is not to mention that the mountain hiking and climbing will be worthwhile activities. The Swedish Lapland also treats thrill seekers to surreal, breathtaking views of glacial rivers, waterfalls, and boulder fields.

  • The hiking trails

Sweden is a country that has numerous intricate hiking trails numbering approximately 400, making it the ideal destination if you are an ecotourism enthusiast with a thing for hiking.  Most are clearly marked and feature hundreds of well maintained hostels for those who wish to take a breather after an exhausting day out walking. Mountain stations are also abound. One of its most popular trails is the King’s Trail, also known as Kungsleden. It spans almost four hundred kilometres and starts from Abisko National Park on till Hemavan. It is a hiker’s nirvana with its captivating mountainous landscapes, plateaus, and bubbling brooks. Dalarna province also boasts fascinating trails, with the Vasalopp Trail being one of the most popular. If you are visiting during summer you can hike, but in winter coming with your skis will enable you to ski along it. One great aspect about hiking across Sweden is that you are allowed to go wherever you wish so long as you do not interfere with the surroundings, thanks to its Right of Public Access law.

  • Timber rafting

Few experiences can match building your own raft using only rope and timber and drifting on through awe-inspiring villages, and natural, photogenic environments. With numerous companies, especially in Värmland offering provisions for a rafting trip, you can be set to go in no time! That said, the best place to indulge is on the Klarälven River, as it offers visitors the wonderful opportunity to check out the beautiful rural villages, farmlands and forests in the area in a tranquil environment.

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Sarek National Park, Wikipedia